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JoC HTA-Multiplier Event

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The Multiplier Event-Turkey was held in 19 October 2017 in Marriott Hotel, ISTANBUL. There were 36 participants in the meeting. Among them 20 participants were from national organizations and 6 from international institutions. Remaining 10 were the participants from the partner institutions of the consortium. The aim of the event was dissemination of Sector Needs Analysis (O1) and collecting feedback for the joint Curriculum (O2) developed on HTA. Target audience were academicians, heads of the national and international Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies, employees and employers from private research institutions, and prospective students who are interested in the joint curriculum. Firstly, the target audience was informed about the project activities and the outputs carried out during the project’s implementation. After that the speakers from the partner countries focused on the need of HTA training in Central Eastern European countries, and obtained feedbacks from the academicians and national/international HTA experts about the joint curriculum by leading the discussion panels. Before the event the Coordinator published a booklet that contains project results and outputs. The booklet was distributed to participants via e-mail in order to get them informed about the project activities before the meeting. In addition, program introduction brochures were distributed to the audience during the event. At the end of the meeting the participants were requested to fill an evaluation form about the event.

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Hacettepe University

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Hacettepe University, Medical University of Warsaw, University of Liverpool, University of Sofia